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'We bring art to meet grief and to celebrate life'

Creative Death Care Logo image

"Creative Death Care's aim is to offer new ways of delivering death and grief care. Providing space to create memories that support the dying, their families and friends.
From coffin painting, artist designed urns, and workshops for children. We can also connect people to local independent services that will respect the way they wish to approach their own death and how they would like to be celebrated".

Peta Morris, founder of Creative Death Care

Peta Morris - founder of Creative Death Care

Services provided or facilitated by Peta Morris

Death Care

Connecting people, families and friends to the services which will support their choices in end of life care and ceremonies.

Coffin Decorating

Coffin decorating is an intimate experience which connects and supports families after the death of their loved one.

Memory workshops.

Designed for children and families during the final stages of life or bereavement following the death of your loved one.

Designed and made for you or your loved one.

Hand-crafted Urns

Our ceramic urns are all hand-crafted by Australian ceramic artists.

Artist Painted Coffin

Commission a design of your choosing. Family and loved ones can also get involved.

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