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Our range of services are designed to support people of all ages (young children to elders) the dying, their family/friends at any stage or situation, from diagnosis , palliative care and post death bereavement. 

Death Care

Death Care Consultations are here to provide support and advice, from the initial stages of the diagnosis of a terminal illness, to an unexpected death. I want to help support you in knowing the choices you have, the services and people that can best provide those for you. From advice to how best meet the needs of where you would like to be when you die, to organising at home care, to funeral celebrants and independent funeral services. If you want a party instead of a funeral, I can assist to support you and try and make it possible.
Initial Consultation 1 hour $150

Creative Death Care - Services

Coffin Decorating

This is where Peta facilitates the painting of your loved one's coffin with your family/friends, guiding and supporting all involved.
All ages are encouraged to be part of this process, from newborns to elders.

Step 1. We have a Zoom or phone consultation to discuss design and colour, (I can give you cost once these details are confirmed).
2. You organise a cardboard coffin through your dedicated funeral home.
3. We arrange for a place to gather and paint the coffin. This can be done at the funeral home if they have the space. Otherwise, we can do this at a location convenient for you all.

Cost $1000 (please see inclusions below)
Consultation, paints and paint materials are included as well as my time. If you are located out of the Sydney metro area, I charge a small travel fee dependant on distance. (Cost does not include coffin).
I invoice you after the funeral, payment can be made online by credit card or bank transfer.

The Coffin
Has to be cardboard or plain ply, so they can be easily painted on. They are an environmentally friendly and a more affordable alternative. Every funeral director should be able to supply this or order it in for you.

Creative Death Care - Services

Memory workshops.

The death of a parent, relative or close friend can be a very confusing time for children. This 3 hour workshop is designed to create a safe space where children and their parents/carers can create objects combining personal items or fabrics that belonged to their loved one. Dependent upon the size, they can be placed around their loved one's urn or any place that has special meaning to them. This is about your child/children having time to create something that can assist in the process of their grief.

Grief, the way it presents, and its timing is different for everyone. I usually suggest 3 months after the funeral. That is usually the time where the world around you is getting back to 'their normal' while you are still very much sitting in and processing the first year of your grief. It can also be timed to coincide with a birthday, or any other day celebration that will bring its emotional challenges and help to support you through this time.

What we make.
Objects, artwork or talisman charms. It is important for children to voice the direction of what they create to honour their family member. When we have our zoom chat this is a chance for them to voice what they would like to create.

We have a zoom chat, which should include the children so they can meet me prior to workshop. We talk about who will be involved and work out a direction, the materials we will use, so I know what I need to bring on the day.

I come to you, if you are located out of the Sydney Metropolitan area, I ask for a small fee to cover travel costs, this is dependent upon distance.

For a family of up to 4 (2 parents, 2 children) $500
For each extra child or adult, it is $50 per person.

Creative Death Care - Services
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