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August 2023

It’s taken time to create and launch what I hope to be a service that helps to support the dying, families, friends and community who are affected by the death of a loved one.​ This exhibition will showcase the work of the ceramic and floral artists who are part of The Creative Death Care family. The show shines a light on a subject that is uncomfortable for most yet it’s one we will all experience. It’s about showing how we can create creative pathways, to celebrate life and support the bereaved. From coffin painting, handmade artists' urns, coffin draperies, and memory-making workshops for children and families. ​I will be at the gallery for the duration of the show and will be available for any questions you may have.

Creative Death Care launch event, 4th August 2023
Creative Death Care- In Conversation event - 13th August 2023

This is an In Conversation event that coincides with the national awareness campaign, Dying to Know Day.

Peta, the artist and founder of Creative Death Care will be in conversation with psychologist and The Imaginer Gallery owner and curator Emma.  

They will be discussing art and its place in death care, what it can bring to families and people both young and old. How do we advocate for its use in palliative care, in both public and private care settings.

There will be an opportunity for QandA for attendees.

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